Glove Steaming

Glove Lacing

Whether you choose a Wilson A2000, Rawlings PRO or Heart of the Hide, Marucci Founders, Nokona Elite, or All-Star Pro Elite, after you determine the proper size and style of your fielding glove, the skilled Softball and Baseball PROS at MIRA’S Sports and More can get your glove game-ready with MIRA’S Sports and More in-store, same-day, glove steaming service.

Professional softball and baseball glove steaming improves the playability, comfort, and longevity of your glove. After steaming, the MIRA’S technician works to shape it for a custom fit. These steps quickly relax leather and seams, forming a game-ready pocket for maximum performance.

Custom shaping and steaming at MIRA’S saves you weeks of dropped balls during break-in time, so you can walk out ready to make the highlight reel.

Glove Steaming: How It Works…

At MIRA’S, we use professional equipment and have the appropriate training to ensure proper glove steaming for a pro-glove experience.

Step 1
Leather conditioner softens and prepares the glove leather. The techs at MIRA’S use a specialized, manufacturer-approved conditioner to prep the leather, opening the gloves pores to prepare it for shaping.

Step 2

The glove is placed into a steamer at time increments based on the type of leather at approximately 150 degrees. Heat loosens the leather and its laces, while the steam infuses the glove with water molecules, making it easier to form at key break-in points.

Step 3

In between steamings, technicians work the steamed glove with a wooden mallet to loosen hinge points of the glove, forming the pocket, until they achieve the personalized fit you need.

MIRA’S offers custom gloves from Mizuno, Wilson, and Rawlings. Or, buy a stock glove and display your team spirit and personality with customized glove-lacing.

Whether it is a repair or brand new mitt, our glove Dr. can get your glove ready to field with style at MIRA’S within 1-2 days.

Black, Black/Blue, Black/White, Blue, Blue/Red, Burgundy, Camel, Chocolate, Dark Green, Grey, Maroon, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Purple, Red, Scarlet/White, Tan, White, and many more…

Bring your glove down to MIRA’S and let us know how we can style your fielding glove.

Custom Glove Laces at Miras

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