Sublimation Printing
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Sublimation Printing

MIRA’S Sports and More offers sublimation printing.

If you are looking for a t-shirt design or uniform that doesn’t fade or crack, and still looks like new after long term washing, sublimation printing may be the right choice. Although sublimation dye printing is more costly than other types of printing, the initial investment of sublimation can out-value other printing methods when factoring time and durability. Sublimation printing for shirts and uniforms protects your branding image through wear and tear for years to come.  The fact that there is little need to replace these shirts and uniforms saves your organization time and money.

What Is Sublimation Dye Printing?

Sublimation Dye Printing is a printing method that involves transferring artwork from a high release paper onto a garment.  The artwork is transferred to the garment using both heat and pressure.  The heat and pressure turn the ink into a gaseous state (sublimation) where the ink becomes embeds the ink into the fibers of the garment. Unlike heat transfer printing, the sublimation dye process embeds the ink into the fibers which offer incredible durability without the rubbery texture of a heat transfer. Because the ink is fused into the garment fabric, the look and feel of the printed area is consistent with the material being used.  The sublimation process properties also allow for the printing of vivid colors and patterns. Unfortunately, the sublimation process can not be used on cotton based shirts and garments.  Suitable materials for garments are microfiber eyelets and microfiber interlock. Sublimation dye printing works well with many types of moisture-wicking garments including round neck t-shirts, V-neck t shirts, polo tees, and pants.

Due to the nature of production, our minimum order is only one item.  

Sublimation Benefits for shirts and uniforms:

  • Garments last much longer than other printing methods, and can be washed often
  • Designs are more fluid and natural, great for all types of designs and artwork.
  • Photographic images from sublimations look more realistic and natural and are more durable.
  • Great for athletic jerseys, numbering, letters, and bright interesting color patterns
  • Minimum order is one

Why Is Sublimation T Shirt Printing So Durable?

Sublimation garments are extra durable because the dyes are embedded into a garments fabric. The embedded dye is fused with the fabric and becomes as strong and durable as the fabric used for the garment.
The dye sublimation process does not overlay the fabric, so the artwork is as soft as the material chosen to be printed on.

Custom Sublimation Shirts and Uniforms

Sublimation dye process allows for “all over” printing where the design can cover the entire shirt.  Another benefit of sublimation printing is that your color choices are unlimited, the colors you choose will look livid and lively and not fade over time.  We highly recommend that you use the sublimation process when designing fashion artwork for clothing.

Sublimation Printing takes approximately 2-10 Weeks (depends on material brand).
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